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While back-to-back, one person farts into another person's butthole. Then the second person farts out that fart creating a refart.

Potentially dangerous if a refart is continuously refarted, causing an infinite refart.
Guy 1: I tried to dutch oven my wife last night, but she turned it around on me.

Guy 2: What, did she refart it?

Guy 1: Yeah, right in my face.
by uddb January 07, 2014

When someone farts in a upholstered chair and leaves trapping the fart within. From the force of sitting in the chair, the fart wafts back up into the persons face which is a more rancid stench than the original fart.

I just got a refart from chris.
by prinzezz1876 April 29, 2009
An insult to describe someone that is both a "retard" and a "fart face". Originating from the latin word "retardare" and the old english word "feortan".
Whoever stuck their butt in the water storage is such a refart.
by girlie paul January 14, 2007
Refarting involves inhaling either one's own or any other flatulance and transferring it to another location via exhalation.

A refart chain includes two or more redistributions.
Bill Clinton refarted Moninca's.
by Lemon Mellow November 18, 2006
to fart in ones own mouth or another's and to exhale elsewhere, recycling the fart to a new and unique place.
Also, to fart in ones hand and "throw it" at someone or something.
Billy refarted by throwing his stank at jimmy.
by delroy November 18, 2006
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