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Now days lowriders are almost any car with hydrolic pumps added to it. but lowriders were invented by a mexican person who hooked up a old school car usually a impala from 59 to 76 and slapped a candy paint coat on it with some 14inch or 15inch dautons some sic ass hydrolics and a bad ass interior but now days everyone from black to yellow has lowrider but remember they come from the south homes.
damn vatoe check out that fly ass lowrider over there homes.
by Mardom May 29, 2005
A term usually used between latinos indicating they smoke too much weed.
A homes your a marijuana.
by Mardom May 29, 2005
Nicknamed K-town its the new hot spot for gang activity especially in wyandotte county on the kansas side and jackson county on the missouri side. the streets are wicked so watch yo back homies slangen around every corner. new gangs be poppin up every day. the biggest gangs and most violent are Westside 29st, westside23st, florencia 13, sur13, folks, southdale bloodz(SLOBS), crips, latin kings, brown pride, black power, spanish diciples, vice lords, C-13, S.M.O.G, 18st, south side.
damn kc is were its goin down now 913 and 816.
by Mardom May 29, 2005
wheels designed for your car that was first used by a mexican but now is used by almost everybody.
DAMN, check out dem chrome rims.
by Mardom May 29, 2005
nigga can be used by any race because you arn't reffering to the person your talking to as a NIGGER but as a nigga which in other words your telling them like homie or dawg.
good way: whats up nigga.(to any person)
bad way: you act just like a stupid nigga (which could be disrespectful to a black person)
by Mardom May 28, 2005
A cool ass white person.
yo, you crazy ass redneck hillbilly sons o bitch.
by Mardom May 29, 2005
a weird white or black person who wears all red lookin like a package of kool-aid and their gang sign is a b in their hands.
Look at that slob over their.
by Mardom May 29, 2005

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