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Used when referring to ones level of rediculousness. A combination of peculiar and rediculous.
I drank so much beer at that kegger, that my redicularity reached a new plateau.
by Seanith September 10, 2007
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A state, instance, or occurance of supreme rediculousness.
Man 1: I hear she got accepted to Harvard despite the 1000 she got on her SATs...

Man 2: That is the redicularity of a lifetime!
by King_Stef November 19, 2008
A continuous absurd response towards an already (stupid)ridiculous action.

Coherant performance of a rediculous task for the sake of nothing. noun

Making the same ridiculous mistake more than twice! noun

Having the same result after repetitive actions towards a purposeless goal.

Echoing absurdity
His back pain will exist with (redicularity) because he refuses to see a doctor.
by phenonomous1 June 22, 2011

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