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4 definitions by Tcane

Redhead usually denotes a woman with red hair, especially of the stereotype, since it's more or less a pejorative. If used for a man, it's usually to make fun of him for being redheaded.
In many men it evokes a certain traditional image of a beautiful pale skinned woman with long, red, curly tresses and a certain amount of freckles.
Gar, look at that redhead.
by Tcane November 26, 2005
585 209
An exclamation, popularized by rednecks, which has crossed social groups. Utterly meaningless. has an ambiguous relation to garow. Pronounced "sk-sk-skeow!"
*the hometeam just won the football game*; skeow!
by Tcane November 26, 2005
1 6
the opposite of the exclamation "gar". implying ugliness, dissapointment, and superficial sympathy.
Garow, look at Mary...some old man must have not been paying attention to the road. :(
by Tcane November 26, 2005
0 6
A lecherous exclamation resulting from the combination of "Gah!" and "Arg!", but implying more lust and soulful feeling in general. syn; damn, dang, skeow.
Gar, look at Mary. *pelvic thrust*

by Tcane November 26, 2005
13 238