A fun smoking game to play with a freshly packed pipe or finely rolled blunt. Starts with the person with greens taking a hit and inhaling but not exhaling the smoke. You must wait until the piece/blunt/joint gets back to you before you can blow out the smoke. Failure to wait until its your turn again means your out. Play until the bowl is cashed or the roach is too small. Named because it will cause your eyes to be even redder.
The Best example i can remember. Havent played in forever.

Aaron - Ight here you go!
Matt - Red Eye anyone?
Blake - Hell ya
Austin - WTF?
Chris - ok.

(Matt takes hit and passes it to blake, who passes it to Aaron)
Aaron - DAMN!!! I did a nice ass job rollin this bitch!

Chris - Did you put all 7 grams in it?
Aaron - Nah we got a lil more.
Chris - Shit dawg this purp is the shit! Wait, arent we playin red eye?
Blake - (blows out smoke) Damnit man pass that bitch!!
Matt - (blunt gets back to Matt)....oh shit (violently caughs)
by TXstoner38 July 10, 2009
Top Definition
1. A late night airline filght.
2. A type of whiskey consumed in the old west.
3. Your asshole.
1. "I caught the red eye from Detroit."
2. "Bartender, a shot of red eye."
3. "Put your cheeks together. I can see your red eye."
by creedmoor October 11, 2004
An late night or over night flight.
When asked how her trip was, Kelly responded with "Terrible. My last flight was a redeye and I'm exhausted."
by Kat December 11, 2003
The fiery, burning sensation in the anus during defecation due to the consumption of extraordinarily spicy cuisine.
While he somehow managed to avoid throwing up the shot of Vodka with a drop of Mad Dog Inferno hot sauce, the following morning he suffered a blistering bout of red eye.
by Tom Swift July 14, 2004
what you get after you blaze
"why do you have red eyes?"
"I just blazed dude"
by StayHiigh420 August 11, 2008
The after-effect of ejaculating on a woman's eyes.(Intentional or otherwise)
Dave B gave that bitch the red eyes last night because she was a starfish and just laid in bed.
by \dk August 24, 2008
The middle of someone's butthole.

Term created by the University of Illinois

Source: University of Illinois Graduate
Savanna just gave you the Red Eye!
by bget May 17, 2014
1. flight operated by an airline departing late at night and arriving early the next morning
2. rushing through the night
3. burn midnight oil
i'm taking the red eye tonight for my exam tomorrow
by whatamidoinghere June 17, 2008
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