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when you are having sex with a woman and right when shes about to have an orgasim you pull away, put your hands over your eyes in the shape of goggles and scream "Red Barron!!!" and then procced to run out of the room and possibly never return
I red barroned maude real good
by sir jon lewee September 12, 2006
a man ,or woman, who has performed sexual acts (whatever they may be, i.e oral, vaginal, etc.) on a woman when she was menstruating, on several different occasions. (a minimum of 3)
guy#1 : Yo dude, i red-winged that girl from the party last night

guy#2 : gross man, thats like the second chick you've done that to

guy#1 : nope, 3rd

guy#2 : that means you're a Red Barron, you sick fuck

guy#1 : yup lawl
by Phreaky Phil April 28, 2010
The theoretical opposite of an internet pedophile, where a teenage girl pretends to be a rich or powerful middle-aged man in order to ensnare other young girls.
Girl 1: Yeah and he's a millionaire too. It's so cool how he's into all the stuff me and my friends like but he's older so that makes him sophisticated. I mean he even likes neopets!

Girl 2: Hm. Must be a Red Barron.
by Naomi_D February 28, 2008
A girl on her rag removes her soiled tampon and proceeds to doodle a mustache on an unsuspecting victims lip. Note* second cousin to the Dirty Sanchez.
She became fed up with my remarks on "Blow Job Week" and showed it by giving me the Red Barron.
by S. Marley February 02, 2008
A guy who doesn't mind or even likes to go down on chicks that are ragging.
My buddy Ron is a Red Barron. He keeps his girl happy any time of the month.
by Chrislaw August 05, 2005
A man with a very red face, closely resembeing a post box. Nothing gets through like a letter you know! usually called scott or vicky. Another name could be streaky barron. Owns his own clothing label in Malta. Also a magazine name 'Build the red barron'(complete in 2378 issues £5.99 each).
What times your collection?
I saw this and thought of you!
Nothing gets through like letter.
by the one who speaks the truth February 03, 2004
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