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The Doctor is the last of his race, the Timelords, which was destroyed in the Time War. He was born in Gallifrey and travels through time and space in his TARDIS, which looks like a blue police box. Originally the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions in Space) was able to change its appearance to blend in to its surroundings, but that feature has been long broken, much like many of its functions.

The Doctor often travels with companions. His greatest rival is The Master. His enemies are the Daleks.

He may sound like he's from the North, but in actuality, he's an alien, and lots of planets have a North for your information.
"Who are you?"

"The Doctor."

Doctor who?"

"Just the Doctor."
by Naomi_D February 29, 2008
Pronounced "MRRH-KUH!"

How the rednecks of the USA pronounce the name of their country. The bastardization of "America."
"I 's from MERCA!"

"Where? There's more than one country in North America."

by Naomi_D February 29, 2008
The theoretical opposite of an internet pedophile, where a teenage girl pretends to be a rich or powerful middle-aged man in order to ensnare other young girls.
Girl 1: Yeah and he's a millionaire too. It's so cool how he's into all the stuff me and my friends like but he's older so that makes him sophisticated. I mean he even likes neopets!

Girl 2: Hm. Must be a Red Barron.
by Naomi_D February 28, 2008
What poor people invented so they could make money off rich people.
I'm not wearing baggy, worn-out torn-to-shit jeans because I'm broke and have to wear the same pair for five years: I'm wearing them because they're fucking cool. Wanna buy 'em from me?
by Naomi_D February 29, 2008
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