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maude is a complimentary term used to describe one of great beauty and personality.
a maude tends to saunter through their enviroment and attract the attention of many hunky males whilst encouraging their salivary glands to go into overdrive; resulting in large wet patches on the males shirts and a glazed expression.

it may take up to three weeks for males ( or females if they are that way inclined ) to recover from a sighting of a maude.
common symptoms of maude sightings include heart palpitations, entering cardiac arrest, a dreamy expression, immediately possessing love songs, clammy palms, and writting poetry, a smile resembling one who has slept with a coathanger in their mouth, extremely fast speech and butterflies of the stomach.

maudes move in large social circles and have the capability to maintain deep friendships.
maudes are also philosophists and tend to organise ones problems into something more managable.
you can spot a maude a mile off. the maude in the group is the one who your eye is automatically drawn to due to their magic glow and an overwhelmingly originality.
doctor:what have we here...
paramedic:a suspected maude sighting
doctor:another?weve had 334 cases in the past 24 hours
paramedic: arent maudes rare?
doctor:yes but they impact masses of males at a time...hell never be the same
by holly d June 15, 2006
a friendly elderly woman who befriends young people.

They Often your friend's mom or grandma, who tries to teach thier young kids life lessons.

originally from the movie "Harold and Maude"

a really cool old lady
MAUDE: Hey Charlie, Let's go save this tree from pollution.
CHARLIe: what?
MAUDE: let's rescue it from this concrete jungle and take it to the forest.
CHARLIE: oh Maude, you're so awsome.
MAUDE: Well You have to live, Charlie.
by Martin_D August 03, 2007
A phrase used in Ireland meaning to stalk or to creep. Originates from an old folklore tale of an old woman named Maude ("Máudé Gránte" in Irish - defines a nosy old woman) who used to be very nosy in her friends private business.

Also is used to describe a large breasted woman, or very precisely, a large breasted creepish woman.
That girl wont leave me alone, she keeps in at my business and wont piss off! "what a maude!"
by def_n March 05, 2011
Having no friends, whatsoever or having no common sense.
I'm so maude, that person is maude, you maude!
oh god what a maude, oh sorry haha i was maude for a second
by Perry Browne March 12, 2008
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