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A type of grape made into a wine a dark red wine. strong taste, not for everyone. For the ones that are fine wine lovers or the ones of a great palet. Merlot is a very romantic wine. best aged but also good not aged.
"would you like some merlot?"
"yes please."
"it has been aged since 1990"
"Wow, it must be delicous."
by imawiner January 13, 2010
An attractive older woman. Aged well over the years.
Billy's mom is old....but what a merlot!
by thajasman December 06, 2009
a type of black bird. that can be peaceful, elegant, pretty, hyper and even depressive. this bird is known for its beauty and its ways of sticking to other birds.
"What kind of bird is that?"
"thats a merlot."
"oooh. its pretty."
by birdwatcher123 January 13, 2010
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