"reality has become a commodity" -Steven Colbert
Steven "reality has become a commodity"
Guy "No its not"
Steven "OH YA just look it up on urban dictionary"
by curtis 109 February 01, 2007
Reality is what you make of it.
"Reality is what you make of it" - Bender, Futurama.
by Bluestone April 06, 2005
That terrifying thing we all must occassionally face when we realize there is nothing fun to do on our cell phone.
Okay. I've gone through every social media site, every forum, every news site, and every new email ... Fuck me, my plane doesn't take off for another hour. Shit, now I'll have to deal with reality. I hate when that happens.
by geekmalone August 07, 2016
Reality is something "that has become a commodity"
Stephen Colbert has stated "reality has become a commodity"
by Teege Kennedy January 29, 2007
You see reality, is cake. At the bottom there is choclately bread goodness,thats the physical world. Then you have the layer of creamy, icey, tasteyness, and thats the spiritual world. And through out these two layers there are sprinkles, this is energy. Since this energy exists throughout the two levels, it blends them in scrumptous harmony.
Therefore reality can be explained with deserts. In greek mythology it was the ambroisia of the gods, not something bad like the coliflower of the gods.

Why do you think God made deserts so good?!
by lippert n' lippert pastries November 20, 2006
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