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Finding exactly who you are and having a realization of your existence........
When you have a feeling of complete indivisibility about your surroundings, thus makes our reality.
by OrganicDreamz April 13, 2010
What one knows and believes to be true... but does not exist... as maybe a sence of false hope...
if you close your eyes is the world still there?

if you pick up the telephone do you dissapear?
by Da CattZ March 22, 2003
The idea that we must see what is real rather than see what we shall see. We must learn to actually exist as a coexisted population rather than split apart for different reasons. We must live together than apart.
Reality is not a cult.
by im_amazing_as_waffles January 21, 2011
1)merely a perception
2)einstiens theory would be that if you closed your eyes and wished with all your might that it would go away, and its stil there then thats reality.
better example, whats reality? hehehe
by Ashleii December 01, 2002
..prescibed medication //
" GULP. "

" It should kick in in about 5 to 6 days "
by sofia ?Š July 05, 2005
Reality is like anyother word out there, found in any language, and just like anyword out there, it has a definition that we try to aply to in this "reality" we live in. Its like naming a tree becuz, its there right? and a tree explains anyting that applies to that definition. Can you really grow a tree then call it something else? A rose, you know... a rose a freaking tree is all that it really is. you know what i mean by rose, im not ripping shakespear here or anything. i like to define now, my "definition" of reality, more like an opinion really right? Reality is applied to me, it is as you know, cuz its my definition, you getting the picCHA yet huh buddy, yep neways, is just an experience brought to you by a collection of shhhhhhtuff, like a cauldron of ingredients mixed together, that creates another evolutionary state of your so called "spearRit" when this is all over, it will be quick, becuz for you it applies to everything that at that imaginary moment is gone, and if im correct, your memory is "real" so that means that everything that is "real" to you anyways, has gone away and your now "experiencing" something new. but its ok becuz your "speaRIit" can handle it for the reason that its something too increadle and far most "infinite" and i say "infinte" beczu infinite is real, part of reality, so by that time your experienceing a different "infinite" something as far as your concerned, was your destiny this whole time. at that time for that reason, but for us in reality, we just keep waiting, like in a line waitn for the fun exiting roller coaster to hell ya know. this does you kknow .....yeeah it might be pretty long, but what do you expect for an answer such as reality, esp. a well elobarated, exquiste, entricate, devious, elaborate, opinuon from someone who has been thinking about it this whole freaking time, hmmm lets see, thats 19 years of thinking about it i think lol. yep so next time your gonna blame reality for something, remember, its just a word, and its really your fault.
(I think) right, you know, everyone thinks, and thinking is real so therefore (i am) real of course ... becuz your real.

Where do i find your reality so i can eat it.

whats reality made of? is time real? whats time made out of?

the matrix has everyone inside multiple matrixes omg aleins do exist and the universe is just a tiny spec of crap on some gigantic alein's ass.

reality has taken over my brain....

reality made me do it...

take my hand, and we will fly away from reality and create our own univerese where every day is april 20th.
by sergio vargas May 04, 2006