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An MTV "reality" show which presents a highly accurate portrayal of what "the real world" is "really" like. Upon college graduation, we're all inevitably thrust into this scary "real world" where a music channel jets us off to an exotic locale and puts us up in an obscenely gorgeous house overlooking an equally obscenely gorgeous beach. And just like in the "real world" we get to experience this standard of living without paying a single dime in rent. I shudder with terror every time I view it because it serves as a constant and painful reminder of what I had to endure in my early 20's when I was living in a Tuscan villa for free. But that which doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.
If you didn't sense the heavy sarcasm in my "Real World" definition, then you most definitely are NOT living in the "Real World".
by Aw yeah October 20, 2003
a metaphorical place in which no one lives but yourself. often used as a guilt-inducer by parental units.
In the real world, people have to work for a living.
by Anonymous July 10, 2003
Lame ass MTV show, where they stick a couple of just out of college kids in a house, so that we, the viewers can listen to their converstaions, which usually go something like this:

P1: "Hey."
P2: "Hey"
P1:"What do you think about Joe?"
P2:"I don't want to move our relationship to the next level"
P1: "..."
P2: "Lets go to a club"
P1: "OK."

... And this sort of thing continues. Unfortunately, it is the preference of some friends of mine, and is constantly on TV.
P3:(on the phone) "I don't know if I'm ready to move on, after Melissa."
P3: "yeah"
P3: "Mhm, I know"
P3: "Alright. See ya"

Me: Did I just waste 20 minutes listening to a one-ended phone conversation on MTV? omg.
by Mingreyy August 07, 2005
One of MTVs stupid Reality Shows that is suppose to have the name "Fake World" 100% scripted, 100% stupid and 100% fake. Faker than breast implants. Always having the same stupid ass people that are talentless and lowlives. All they do is cry about their stupid relationships and go to a club and get drunk. Cast members are always the same, 1 black, 1 latino, and the rest white.
The Real World Episode 1:

Typical White guy: Hey
Typical Naive white girl: Hey
Typical White Guy: So what you wanna do after we go to the club and get drunk and act stupid?
Typical Naive white girl: Like lets go to another club and drink and get fucken stupid.
Typical Black guy: Why we always gotta be going to a white club why don't we just stay home and get drunk.

At the end of the show thats the only thing they done....
by A 2 da K February 22, 2007
Something that only exists in your mind.

Also: MTV show responsible for turning assholes into celebrities and starting the whole godawful reality TV craze
The real world sucks
by Duke July 10, 2003
1) The unbereable people, places and situations we have to deal with as long as we live. 2)What most people who do drugs are trying to escape from (most of the time they might be right - who could blame them?)
1. Man, I just wasn´t made for the real world! Everything is so not fun!
2. Screw the real world! I´m into smack now!
by Luiz July 08, 2003
it sucks.
the real world SUCKS
by chicky July 07, 2003
a place where some people live and worry because they don't have enough money.
Sharon Turner lives in the real world now that she's left her rich husband.
by bread infection December 30, 2005
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