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a person who proof-reads or edits fanfiction.
Thanks for beta-ing my fic, babe!
by Chicky December 28, 2003
always and forever
I <3 always and forever
by chicky April 12, 2003
it sucks.
the real world SUCKS
by chicky July 07, 2003
Bizback: It means your back from whatever you were doing, 2. The back part of yor body.
im bizback from da store
by Chicky March 09, 2005
to perform a disgraceful act later laughed at and made fun of by your friends.
patrick cummed all over the car after fucking sheena.
by chicky March 05, 2004
the red and gray timberlands
"yo man, u got them bloodysteaks?"
by chicky July 10, 2003
a brown skined person
native american
by chicky September 16, 2003

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