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A classic children's book by Johanna Spyrie, published in 1880, It won a Newberry Award, and is still a very popular children's book. I recommend it for children and adults alike.
Heidi is a story about a little girl growing up in the swedish alps.
by Mingreyy August 09, 2005
A wooden instrument invented in the Renaissance, which came to its height of popularity in the Baroque period. Many famous composers wrote music for the recorder, including Bach, Vivaldi, Telemann and Handel. The recorder has Several sizes ranging from the 'Garklein' which is about 4.5 inches long, to the 'Contrabass' whish is about 4 feet long. The instrument was re-popularized in the late 20th century as a device for teaching young children about music. Unfortunately, this leaves many under the impression that the recorder is not a "real" instrument, when in fact, it is a lovely, complex and difficult to master instrument. The recorder has many names- Flute a bec, in French, Flauto Dolce, in Spanish and Blocflute in German. Many times recorders are accompanied by harpsichords, whose ”ping” sound contrasts beautifully with the mellow sound of the recorder.
Person 1: Do you play an instrument?

Person 2: Yes, I play the recorder.

Person 1: LOL! I played the recorder in 3rd grade! I played three blind mice!!1

Person 2: *sigh*
by Mingreyy August 21, 2005
Lame ass MTV show, where they stick a couple of just out of college kids in a house, so that we, the viewers can listen to their converstaions, which usually go something like this:

P1: "Hey."
P2: "Hey"
P1:"What do you think about Joe?"
P2:"I don't want to move our relationship to the next level"
P1: "..."
P2: "Lets go to a club"
P1: "OK."

... And this sort of thing continues. Unfortunately, it is the preference of some friends of mine, and is constantly on TV.
P3:(on the phone) "I don't know if I'm ready to move on, after Melissa."
P3: "yeah"
P3: "Mhm, I know"
P3: "Alright. See ya"

Me: Did I just waste 20 minutes listening to a one-ended phone conversation on MTV? omg.
by Mingreyy August 07, 2005
A character from the comic stip Peanuts Lucy Van Pelt is a character who spends her time making fun of Charlie Brown, lusting after Schroeder, and playing outfield on Charlie Brown's baseball team.
She is famous for pulling the football away right before Charlie Brown can kick it, as well as offering her physcology "skills" for 5 cents.
by Mingreyy August 09, 2005
The old time county fairs, that still survive (primarily in upstate new york). Cow, chicken, goat, sheep and vegetable contests, caramel apples, cotton candy, and a great big ferris wheel can all be seen. 4H sells milkshakes, there are bumper cars, rides, and good, old fashioned fun!
Betty's raspberry jam won first place at the county fair!
by Mingreyy August 07, 2005
Contrary to what many here seem to believe, there is more to NY than NYC/Long Island/"Upstate". People over 20 miles south of Albany do not generally consider themselves upstate, and sometimes take offense to being told so by people from NYC. Currently, the upsate economy is sadly depressing, but one can still see the remnants of the beautiful area full of character that once was Upstate New York in Saratoga especially.
Poughkeepsie isn't upstate, bastard.
by Mingreyy August 07, 2005

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