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The subjective experience of time passing confirmed as about right by external, objective measuring criteria ie an hour feels about like an hour, and this is confirmed by looking at a clock, where an hour has indeed been measured as having passed. As opposed to (e-time), where time seems to pass at a quicker or slower rate than external measuring systems would suggest.
1. I had an hour real time left at work - and it passed in exactly an hour on the clock.
2. It seemed I'd only been online a few minutes real time, but when I looked at the clock it had been three hours.
by chris firth September 09, 2006
36 5
instantaneous; taking place at once as other things are also in progress
When I surveyed the situation in real time, there were only 4 people who met the qualifications.
by sammy88 February 27, 2010
7 1
The actual, no excuses permitted, time that you have to meet someone.
8.30 real time, okay? If you're late again, we're cactus. Forever.
by GuruVoodoo September 13, 2007
7 2
When two geographically separated people do something in unison, over the phone or internet.
"My girl and I had real-time sex today." or "I'm going to do her real-time."
by ndg January 22, 2005
9 5
In person instead of online
I've been cybering Jane for days, instead we could have been bumping uglies in real time.
by Frisco Stories August 18, 2008
9 6