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The fear of being out of mobile phone contact. The term is an abbreviation for "no-mobile-phone phobia". It causes physical side effects such as panic attack, shortness of breath, dizziness, trembling, sweating, accelerated heart rate, chest pain and nausea.

SecurEnvoy's study found that 70% of female respondents fear losing their phones, compared with 61% of male respondents. However, men are more likely to have two phones than women, which may account for that discrepancy.

People 18-24 tend to be the most nomophobic (77%), followed by people aged 25-34 (68%). The third most nomophobic group is 55 and older.
Oh no, I can't find my cellphone ANYWHERE and I'm nomophobic - what if someone calls for an emergency, what if someone stole my phone? I'm panicking, help!!
by NDG June 19, 2013
When two geographically separated people do something in unison, over the phone or internet.
"My girl and I had real-time sex today." or "I'm going to do her real-time."
by ndg January 22, 2005

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