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1. Verb - to make somebody feel good by clicking the thumb up icon on urbandictionary.com next to a word they have placed there.

2. Noun - a physical inication from another human that something useful and worthwhile has been achieved
1. Yes - somebody thumb up my word at last!

2. She gave me a thumb up for my birthday.
by chris firth September 16, 2006
1. somebody who has achieved promotion quickly at work, only for it to be obvious that they cannot live up to the job, and hence experience a humiliating demotion
2. a star -rock\pop etc - who is talked about a lot in the press as though they are the next big thing, but then never deliver the goods.
After the planet - which is no longer a planet!
1. hear about Smithson - last weeks new MD? Got fired, the asshole. He's a real pluto.

2. Pete Doherty is just a total pluto
by chris firth August 24, 2006
1. A sad type of person who spends hours randomly pushing words into google word and image searches because they are so bored - they would call it research.

2. The sadder type of the above in that they only google their own name in multi-varied formats, hoping to discover that they are are famous, or even exist.
Jim: You seen Herbert lately.
Jon: No, he just stays in doing some kind of weird internet research. He's turned into a right groogle.
Jim: What's his research project?
Jon: He's researching himself. He just hits on Herbert.
Jim: What a groogle!
by chris firth October 09, 2006
1. A personal awareness that ones breath does not smell good, either having imbibed tea, alcohol, mints, but usually coffee.
2. Smelly, coffee breath, as experiened by school pupils when their teachers speak to them within sniffing distance just after morning break.
Check out girl: Seventeen pounds and thirty three p, please.

Shopper: Here you go, love. (stoops too low as handing over cash). Sorry about my teacher breath.

Check out girl: No worries (but thinking: Urgh. This stront mings of coffee.
by chris firth September 23, 2006
somebody whose humour kills a conversation or party; a person who thinks they are incredibly funny and popular, but who everyone else thinks is a real twat. somebody who laughs at their own jokes, but who no one else finds remotely funny. Derived from the dead clown in Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'
Herbert told us this bad joke about a Chinese dyslexic dairy farmer who bought a herd of woks. Nobody laughed at all. He's a right yorick.
by chris firth August 22, 2006
The subjective experience of time passing confirmed as about right by external, objective measuring criteria ie an hour feels about like an hour, and this is confirmed by looking at a clock, where an hour has indeed been measured as having passed. As opposed to (e-time), where time seems to pass at a quicker or slower rate than external measuring systems would suggest.
1. I had an hour real time left at work - and it passed in exactly an hour on the clock.
2. It seemed I'd only been online a few minutes real time, but when I looked at the clock it had been three hours.
by chris firth September 09, 2006
a monster of a person; an ugly, malformed or mutated person circa 2000AD's Strontium Dogs.
1. I don't know what Kater Moss sees in Pete - he's a right ugly little stront

2. No you can't have my cell number, you stront.
by chris firth August 21, 2006

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