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Given to describe a low powered motorcycle, such as a moped or minimoto.

It is unknown where this term came from.
"Give us a go on that razzer"
by dan April 06, 2005
UK slang for pounds as in money.
I would quit my job but I made 85razzers in less than an hour today
by Miss Shakespeare August 28, 2011
1. Someone who socially goes out a lot and drinks, 2.Someone who is a bit of a slag, 3. Someone who dresses a bit sleazy. Can be abbreviated to Raz
1. She is out on the raz again
2. What a razzer
3. What a razzer
by RazzerRi January 16, 2011
Someone who always follows you around, like the paparazzi. Forms: Razzer, Razzi, Razz.
This chick is a total razzer who follows me around all the time.
by ʎppǝɹɟ ǝןqısıʌuı April 13, 2009
A word typically used by the irish to describe a mentally challenged person or a strange person
That razzer is wearing some weird clothes man
by Roger Daltry October 24, 2005
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