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In a wild, natural state.
My hair was completly razmataz because I diddn't brush it this morning.
by leader39 November 04, 2010
a mix between an eskimo kiss and a French kiss. Often confused for a delicious delicacy in Thailand, this kiss is rarely seen yet extremely enjoyable when perfected. Also slang for the small piece of skin found between nostril.
Hey, bro! Are you gonna get your razmataz pierced?
by frikin' geniuses. June 13, 2010
Blowing raspberries on each others respective genitalia (tazberries) simultaniously
Ariel and Eric were raz ma tazing on the other side of the reef while Sebastion observed...kinky.
by kelseyw May 08, 2007
The finishing move of a Jewish wrestler
Oh, and Rabbi Pain delivers a Razmataz to the Undertaker!
by Melido Perez August 02, 2005
To completely wing it without caring about screwing it up.
Bro 1: "Dude, are you going to bang her tonight?"
Bro 2: "I dunno. I'm just gunna razmataz."
by MikePeters December 18, 2007
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