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a picture of a piece (or whole) of your computer desktop.
Valuable in explaining to people how to do different stuff in applications, or just sort of generally cool.
Also, valuable when designing web pages as a person with one computer, so your Windows friend can send you screenshots of what stuff looks like in IE (or, if you're on the dark side, so your Mac friend can send pics of what it looks like in Safari)....
Person 1: Hey, I have this awesome new app on my comp. Wanta come see it sometime?

Person 2: Nah, just email me a screenshot.
by person3 February 20, 2006
The act of ejaculating on or towards your computer screen, often proceeding the viewing of porn or other sexual media.
It's pretty hard to clean off your screen after a massive screenshot.
by Strapsman February 01, 2011
verb: Splooging all over the computer screen, i.e. while jerking off to porn, or whatever happens to turn you on.
I just screen-shotted all over pictures of Jessica Alba in an innocent bunny costume!

Good screen shot, man. You hit Tom Selleck right in the face!
by ButtDuchess April 22, 2010
This word is used to describe teen girls who look generally good looking in pictures posted on web pages such as myspace or facebook, but look the complete opposite in real life. This word usually involves tons of makeup and/or photo editing.
John: "So i met kelley for the first time last night.. She wasnt as impressive as she looks on the computer."
Rachael:"Yeah, shes a complete screen shot."
by me8576 October 20, 2009
- (noun, verb): Similar to the action of a male ejaculating upon his partner's face (facial) but specifies that the recipient is wearing glasses during the act.
- (noun): "Dude, my girlfriend looks so hot in her new glasses. She decided she wanted a "study break" from her exams and I totally gave her a screenshot all over her new frames!"

- (verb): "God, you look so good in your new glasses! I'd totally screenshot the shit out of you right now!"
by CaterpillarScott April 23, 2013
The approximate average length of a mobile conversation transcript on various apps like Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp, etc that can be captured within a single screenshot on a 4.5' to 6' smartphone
I like that we can go from political commentary to toilet humor puns in a single screenshot.
by Evilthrawn July 29, 2016
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