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Shortcut for barracs, term is used in computer gaming.
I've build dual rax, for the win!
by dnh August 31, 2005
to steal; borrow; mooch;
to take (from a friend)
"Can I rax one of those chips, dude?"
by Kenny March 10, 2003
To steal or rob something. Commonly used in New Zealand, more specifically Auckland.
'I raxed a mean as car this weekend!'
'Hahaha you got raxed!'

'Lets rax the store tonight aye?'
by Dinglemouse February 23, 2010
Rax (r-axe)

Rax is a slang word for the words bust, leave, grab, blowing your load, steal, pass, go to, get to, begin.

When you hear it in a sentance you need to listen carefully afterwards to see the context it was used in and apply the proper word.
Yo Smith Raxed in her face.

Yo let's rax some flower.

Did you see how fast Smith raxed after he saw Jodie rax in to the room. He should have raxed in her hair.

Ive gotta rax some work dude.... if i dont talk to you... have a sick drive to school - don't rax anything until i get there.
by Incognito Guy August 24, 2005
Shortened form of Relax. It is used in a more playful way than relax. Can also be used to replace the phrases 'chill' or 'hanging out.'
"Whoa, you have to RAX!"

boy - "Hey what are you doing right now?"
girl - "Just raxin'"

"She is not very raxed."
by raxmania March 20, 2009
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