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from the term, "to pull a rawson" meaning to complete an almost impossible task over a short period of time
"He'll have to pull a rawson to meet that deadline"
by oli smith June 12, 2005
23 7
Rawson is the man. Rawson is what keeps us going day after day after day. Rawson is an all round great guy!
Everybody loves Rawson!
by Jay June 10, 2003
27 12
I love rawson. He's a guy that is an environmental policy consultant specializing in agricultural pollution prevention. Jenn loves him :)
Far superior..
by anonymous September 29, 2003
10 4
A dude I talk to on the internet, likes to keep cool, and is entertaining, makes me smile.
by Emma.C July 17, 2003
4 3
Backwater town in Ohio too small to be on Google Maps. A town where it is perfectly acceptable to have small vehicles and household appliances on one's front porch.
Person A: On our way to Findlay, I need to stop by Rawson and pick up the mail.

Person B: Where?
by KLANNY May 12, 2009
1 4
God of Tesco!
N a Cool Guy!! Who makes ya smile!
The God Of Tesco MoonWalks Round Tesco!
by Chantal September 17, 2003
1 14