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when someone tries to make you feel guilty for thinking/feeling/doing things a certain way.


when someone tries to make you do whatever they want you to. so they start making you feel bad about something.. so then you'll give in and do whatever they want.
"he convinced me to do what he wanted by guilt tripping me!"
by chantal October 05, 2004
1.Girl: A Female who is really pretty/gorgeous; Has A Nice Body. U'd Tap Thier Ass Any Second
Male: A Male Who is really attractive, carries himself well, and Has a nice Body. U'd Tap Thier Ass Any Second

2.The Opposite Of Cold.
1. Damn.. That Girl Is Hot! Example: Jessica Alba, Anna Sundstrand, Ashley Olsen.
2.Omg That Guy Is Fine! Examples: Jesse Mccartney, Chris Trousdale, Ryan Sheckler..
by ChAnTaL June 17, 2004
Used by retarded black people who probably fell asleep in English class.
Thomas: Yo, I don't like Latoya
Trae: She be acting mad dumb yo
by Chantal October 18, 2004
G-LocK is a so called gang that comes from the square there code names consist of fucked up names that start with the letter G and they all think that theyre hard because they have SOME black in them. although some of them look like they are white and that they are 3
the name G-LocK comes from the gun called a GLOCK (please refer to glock and then you will see how much of a life g lock really doesnt have)
by Chantal February 14, 2005
God of Tesco!
N a Cool Guy!! Who makes ya smile!
The God Of Tesco MoonWalks Round Tesco!
by Chantal September 17, 2003
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