A Ladd Or A Wannabe Gangsta
Look At That Rawl Over There I Hope He Dont Diss On My Homies And So Forth
by BotanyAlbino October 28, 2007
Top Definition
1) Verb; to attack or to maul. 2) Acronym; Internet lingo; to "roll around while laughing."
1) "We were arguing and out of no where he started to rawl me."

2) "I just heard a funny joke. I rawled for about 3 minutes."
by BlackNine April 07, 2008
Radically Awesome With Lacking Substance
You: Hey have you seen that Nyan Cat video on youtube???

Me:Yeah dude it was totally rawls!!!
by XxFreakingEpicxX June 22, 2011
to beat on someone
imma rawl at u till u bleed lil fucka gimme mah money!!!!
by rio November 16, 2003
A mixture of the commonly used online word LAWL and RAWR. Your laughing so hard and so excited that you RAWL.
"RAWL I just owned you"
by N T Wilcox February 15, 2009
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