To get rapped without lube.... basically what the Miami Dolphins dline will do to Romo on Nov 22
"Man I'm sore from the game yesterday, Suh and those boys really raw dogged me" romo
by Adam dobson and I am gay October 13, 2015
When you have sex with a girl without a condom.
No jon chadbourne do not raw dog me, please!
by rawdog1234 April 21, 2011
Ordering a sheet cheese pizza with uncooked pepperoni
"Yo let me get two raw dogs for delivery "
by Stuntin alone May 05, 2015
v. making direct contact with a public toilet.
They were out of sanitation wraps so I had to raw dog the toilet.
by Taipei Dangerous June 14, 2012
To eat an uncooked food.
Aren't you going to cook that pop tart? You're not raw dogging it are you?
by Deathguy6 September 03, 2014
to put forth a lackluster effort.
Gus procrastinated so much on his term paper that he was forced to raw dog it the night before it was due.
by jeffwk July 15, 2010
To enter blindly into an unfamiliar or unsafe situation, with little regard for any harmful potential consequences.
Hank: Hey, let's go skydiving.
Sam: But the instructor isn't certified.
Hank: Dude, calm down. Let's raw dog it, and don't worry, we'll be totally safe.

Terry: Excited for the party?
Bill: No. We weren't invited, and the host actually wants us dead.
Terry: Woah now -- relax, bro. Just raw dog it and you'll be fine.
by jeffwk July 15, 2010
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