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4 definitions by shund

a cold vagina; a vagina that has not been stimulated in quite some time.
The ugly ass teacher has had a vagcicle since her husband died.
by shund January 17, 2003
43 12
v. to become the submissive partner in a relationship
Once Eric got pussy-whipped by that chick, he bitched-up and she could make him do whatever she wanted.
by shund September 03, 2003
5 3
the vagina; shorthand for "pussy"
That black chick has a big brown puse.
by shund January 17, 2003
58 63
To have sexual intercourse without natural or synthetic lubrication.
We just had a few minutes to spare, so I yanked her panties down, did away with the foreplay, and raw dogged her.
by shund August 26, 2003
73 159