To go into something unprepared, without thinking
I went into that test Raw Dog!
by Lady AG December 26, 2005
To have sexual intercourse without natural or synthetic lubrication.
We just had a few minutes to spare, so I yanked her panties down, did away with the foreplay, and raw dogged her.
by shund August 26, 2003
To punch the clown without any lube
I thought I had an STD because I had a scab on my dick but I figured out that it was from raw dogging it.
by Blake E. March 08, 2007
Food that is uncooked.
I aint eatin that raw dog hamburger. Fuck dat shit.
by aspangenberg November 26, 2006
To engage in unlubercated anal intercourse with ones partner.
I raw dogged Erica in Jessicas bed and there was blood every where
by John Beatty September 23, 2006
To Raw Dog on something is to give it rough love, normally in a sexual fashion but not exclusively.
1) Did you go raw dogging this weekend? 2) Did you raw dog that girls snapper. 3) I raw dogged that shit!

by EvilEyebrows November 05, 2007
to go into a place where it is obvious youll be shot, and not wear a bullet proof vest
he went in there rawdog and got shot 13 times
by ray-gon January 06, 2009

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