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To smoke something, usually weed. Derived from the German verb "rauchen," which is to smoke.
Dude, I rauched mad last Saturday.
by theda October 19, 2004
The Red Captain in Red and Grey in 2006.
Mike Rauch led his team as close to victory as he could, however Louie Luxemburg is a stupid fuck.
by Buddy Ferris December 06, 2006
smoke or to smoke. particularily weed. derived from the german word rauch, meaning smoke.
dude - i rauched mad much last saturday.
by ben dogg December 01, 2003

To put a fresh log of dog shit under someone's car door handle, so when they open their door, they stick their fingers in dog shit. Named after its first victim, Arielle Rauch.
She's such a cunt, lets rauch her.
by ___ April 15, 2005
to provide an adjetive that can mean any thing
so i was drunk and i rauched all over the place.
by ejecta_fizzle October 07, 2003
to be a cocky and overrated fool
Dude, you were rauching it in front of that girl, she's not gonna go for you
by kthugginit February 11, 2008
A derogretory term for faggotry.
Man1: dude look at that rauch over there.
Man2: Why did they let gay marriage be legal?
by pack&wrap September 21, 2009
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