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Someone who screws people over in a bad way.
My boss, the ratfucker, wouldn't approve my vacation request, and my trip was non-refundable.
by amanda March 09, 2004
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A Rat fucker is a known rat bitch that snitches for no apparent reason but to rat out his fellow employees. A POS who will turn on his buddies for the shear joy of being the supervisors bitch.
Pablo wrote down everything Barney said and told the Supervisor, boy he sure is a Rat Fucker.
by Cellar Rat February 02, 2012
N. A person who thinks their minor accomplishment is a major achievement.

{note: current definition is incorrect}
bob: "I just pulled my first snowboarding 180...."

joe: "you rat fucker"
by orbust January 03, 2012
People who fuck rats
"OMG! I fucked a rat! Im a Rat Fuckers"
by Barbarica Bob February 09, 2009
the act of putting your penis into a rat

most rat fuckers have many diseases and should be avoided at all costs. They are outcasts in most societies, except for France where they even have a holiday for it.
I saw peter fucking my pet rat last night, he's such a rat fucker.
by brente89 July 27, 2008

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