2 definitions by Whorton

Origin: USMC
To steal or disorganize items that do not belong to you.
Office: Don't let George ratfuck my files while I am gone next week.
Military: Who ratfucked the MREs?
by Whorton August 29, 2003
1. A healthcare oursourcing company based in Arkansas
2. A new perflorelastomer plastic used in high temperature O-rings
3. An airport bomb detector based upon NOx chemiluminesence technology.
1. Aegis screws their employees because they hire 40% temp wokers.
2. Those Aegis O-rings cost $137 each?
3. That bomb detector is made by Aegis, but it only detects NOx in explosives, not anthrax canisters.
by Whorton August 29, 2003

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