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This is a dynamic word that means negative in general.
1.It can be used in many contexts to mean; bad, cruddy, terrible and many others.
2.Rast can also be used to describe mood.
3.Rast can be used to as a curse word.

1. OH MAHN, this food is rast.
2. MAHN, I feel like rast.
3. RAST!!!!!
by johnson balls October 28, 2007
Random As Sweet Text
idiotard sent me so many RAST's last nite,,
by A-F. August 01, 2009
(Noun) The period of relaxation immediatelely following any activity that promotes a higher consciousness. Derivitave of the "Rastafarian" religion. Usually associated with the enhanced awareness achieved by partaking of the cannabis sacrament.
"I used to hate Christmas, too, but... I'm feelin' pretty RAST, so let's go smoke out that homeless dude that's always chillin' outside the grocery store."
by howtostayaliveinthewoods December 08, 2009
When something good happens.
"Raaaaaaaaaaaaast!!!! This is proper bo I tell thee"
by Hezeus October 11, 2004
another word for "worst"
paul, you're the rast
by paul is the wrast June 01, 2005
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