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some one who is annoying, stupid, and ignorant. idiot and retard combined. like someone who pushes a door that says pull
jay: waz upp my nigger
bob:what you call me?
jay: nigger
bob:you better mean nigga you idiotard.
by kadizzle May 12, 2007
An idiotard is a preson that is an idiot and also a retard.
Taylor and Libby.

Taylor is being an idiotard today!

Wow! Libby is such an idiotard!

I think idiotardness is contagoius!
by xXxtAYxXx March 05, 2008
n Idiotard is just another synonym for retard, tard, fucktard, fucknut.
Look at those idiotards in the front row. They're throwing drinks at the players.
by 3P July 10, 2008
The cross-breed between an "idiot" and a 'retard"
That guy over there is such an idiotard.
by Shaeghda October 28, 2007
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