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A word describing the ultimate level of "Cool". It generally describes someone that can look cool in any given situation, even tripping over something and landing bareback on another dude.
Hoyl crap, that dude got shot and just laughed. He is so Keon.
by Archangel_Lost May 02, 2005
1.A word used to describe someone with a big head, usually filled with emotions. Can be used to describe a character on Nickelodeon, named Jimmy Neutron.

2. Can be used when someone is being very emotional and takes things "up the ass."

3. A person that lets you use their stuff and take advantage of them without question or becoming mad.
4. Someone who lost a lot of weight.
1. Aha dude look at that keon playing basketball
2.Bro, don't be a keon because i said you eat a lot.
3. Hey that guy is such a keon, I just him on the head and its swelling and i don't think he cares.
4. If you want to be a keon you should sign up at LA Fitness Encino.
by akh joon December 11, 2011
A reject that swears on eveything that he's a beast in baseball, but can't do shit right on the field.
Bruh, you act like such a fuckin' Keon
by Gitt Tech September 07, 2010
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