Sex without consent is called rape.
Stage Directions: Two guys named James Westfall and Doctor Kenneth Noisewater, around teen-age - one with a large soda (preferably coke) and another man feeling his "testies" holding a four loco - playing halo.

James Westfall: I am going to kill you with this rocket launcher, riding on this banchee.
Dr. Kenneth Noisewater: Ahhhh you just raped me from the behind!
by maximan April 26, 2011
when you lose horribly at Call of Duty.
4 kills, 32 deaths? maaaannnn i got raped...
by that one guy over there -> September 05, 2011
1. A type of seed
2. A type of sex act where the woman pretends to not want to partake in sexual intercourse, and you in turn "make" her anyway.
3. A topic commonly used to extract lulz from feminazis.
4. Forcing yourself on a woman without yelling "surprise!" first.
5. A slang term people often use interchangeably with "defeat".
1. Guy 1: Dude, what is wrong with you? You raped Julia!

Guy 2: Nah man, I yelled surprise first.

Guy 1: Oh ok.

2. We need way more rape than this. Go to the store and get me about 1,000 more rape seeds.
by neonpepper5589 November 29, 2012
sick, dench, amazing, insane, crazy etc.
The pardy was rape!!
by dv1239339 November 20, 2011
-unwanted sex activity

-total destruction

-sex without permission

-word for sex
-RAPE!!!! he is raping me. Stop

-I just raped his ass

-no. no sex...thats rape!

-It's not rape if you like it.
by I'll grape your mom and dad March 02, 2011
An adjective to describe something that sucks...real bad. It sucks so bad in fact, that we can only compare it's suckiness to forced sexual intercourse, and it's unpleasant nature.
Reno: Dude, this show sucks.

JC: Totally dude. And why the hell are all these highschool students like....40 years old.

::The O.C. breaks for commercial::

JC: Thank God. This show rapes.
by JC Frenzy December 26, 2005
To rape = to have fun.
I raped a bitch last night ! I bet she liked it ! Hell I did !
by Jack The Ripper fo real January 09, 2012

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