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An unholy and inhumane act of violence that permenantly causes great physical, mental, social, and psycological damage to the victim of these horrific crimes. Rape is NOT something to joke about. It is a crime against humanity and should be punishible by a slow and painful death. Rape is an action taken by the rapist to take control over a human being. Rape is never the victims fault, and the victim never "asks for it." Rape sometimes also occurs with domestic violence and other forms of abuse. Both Women and Men are victims of rape. It is widely accepted by both religious and civil law that rape is unethical, immoral, and that the rapist's soul or life source is damned to go to hell or to be reincarnated into the least holy of all forms of life. Under no circumstances is rape ever justified, no one deserves to be raped.
They caught the rapist and sent him to burn in hell. He will pay for that unacceptable act of rape.
by Tradesman88 October 09, 2007
1. A word phrase used to describe a male humaniod whom is a product of an act of beastification, the father being a sick-minded human being and the mother is a female dog who is a victim of rape.
Jay: What kind of Son of a Bitch sits down on the shitter and pisses out his own ass?
Gordy Pig-Fucker: Hey that sounds a lot like George W.B.
by Tradesman88 October 09, 2007
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