Stands for Random Ass Public Event. This is a feature that plagues next-gen MMOs - such as Wildstar, Destiny, Need for Speed Rivals, Final Fantasy XIV, ect. - that developers incorporate in their games in an attempt to 'revolutionize' the industry, when in reality, it was a feature that was mastered by Guild Wars 2 before other developers really started to catch on to it. This will quickly become the pathetic joke that is the 'standard' for MMOs, just like DPS.
(System): You have suddenly joined a R.A.P.E.! Gank this monster/enemy with hundreds of other random people for no reason to get XP!
by Heavylevi October 22, 2013
Really Awesome Party Experience
She went to the frat house and had a R.A.P.E.
by axtionjaxin February 05, 2013
It's a struggle snuggle.
We raped last night.
by MallowFromTGL January 04, 2013
Touch yourself but don't touch me!
Don't R.A.P.E. me!.. Touch yourself but don't touch me!
by Mexie July 12, 2009
religous and professional explorors

made famous by brandon woody dominick and ryan
i realy want to join R.A.P.E.

by dominickhalterman May 20, 2008
Why abortion exists.
"I need to go get an abortion"


by Shares January 23, 2013
having your thigh rubbed for more then 3 seconds
Anthony Cruz was raped at a sushi restaurant by an old man
by kaitliniswrong August 05, 2011

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