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1. An unspeakable act that women like to talk about a lot. The only way to ever be politically correct about rape in any shape or form is to refer to the victim as "she" because men are always the perpetrators of said act. Even if you, the male reader of this paragraph even so much as think of boobs you are a rapist and always will be. Are you happy, rapist?

2. Something ugly women are afraid of because no one will lay them.

2. Often the subject of some of the interbutt's more light-hearted and funnier stories, anecdotes and conversations.
"Take a look to you left. Then to your right. Then in four other directions. All you see males want to rape you"

"Rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape me!"
by Awesome McGee April 10, 2008
72 365
When a bitch says no at the last minute..
I was giving it to her proper and then she saw the number of another woman and screamed rape. Now I am in prison..
by fuckman December 13, 2007
90 383
Rape - A fictitious propaganda created by feminists in order to stop all acts of sexual advances by men onto women. There is no such thing.
Feminist: Stop raping that girl!
Non-Feminist: thats not rape, thats just unwanted sex.
by Randomhero830 February 19, 2010
27 336
A word used to replace all other verbs in a sentence.
Im going to rape this chair. (tranlation: im going to sit on this chair)

I raped a potato pie.
by EllieSarah September 14, 2005
171 495
A white alien from the Pegasus Galaxy, it evolved from a thick skinned tick like creature. It feeds on the very life of creatures (mostly humans) and travels through the StarHole in flying little planes called darts
Major Sheppered and Foryd blew up two darts with machina guns
by Chewah? Loobah? March 23, 2005
134 460
To beat someone at something, very easily.
"Wow, I raped you at basketball."
by MF September 01, 2002
148 474
"Rap" spelled incorrectly
Mommy, can i rape my present now?
by Manishguy March 09, 2005
177 506