A word used to replace all other verbs in a sentence.
Im going to rape this chair. (tranlation: im going to sit on this chair)

I raped a potato pie.
by EllieSarah September 14, 2005
A white alien from the Pegasus Galaxy, it evolved from a thick skinned tick like creature. It feeds on the very life of creatures (mostly humans) and travels through the StarHole in flying little planes called darts
Major Sheppered and Foryd blew up two darts with machina guns
by Chewah? Loobah? March 23, 2005
To beat someone at something, very easily.
"Wow, I raped you at basketball."
by MF September 01, 2002
"Rap" spelled incorrectly
Mommy, can i rape my present now?
by Manishguy March 09, 2005
To get beat badly. To get defeated horribly by another person.
Does yo vagina hurt? Cuz you just got raped!
by Mike February 25, 2005
1. An unwanted sexual violation (sometimes known as "surprise sex", particularly if you have a good enough lawyer) received by a female from a male (it is physically impossible for a woman to rape a man) without consent.

2. Some other kind of unwanted violation received by anybody.
1. Peter raped Jane because she said "no".

2. "Argh, this music, it rapes my ears!" Said Holly.
by Spike May 03, 2003
When someone steals or takes without permission something of value.
"Someone totally raped our cash box at the fundraiser"
by Taty October 02, 2005

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