A fun way to tell people to do or not do something, despite the obvious negative associations. Particularly fun to say to friends or relatives.
Shut up or I'll rape you!
Touch my new TV, and I'll rape you!
Get dirt in my car, and I'll rape you!

by 123_Fake_Street December 26, 2008
When a bitch says no at the last minute..
I was giving it to her proper and then she saw the number of another woman and screamed rape. Now I am in prison..
by fuckman December 13, 2007
When two or more persons participate in fantastic sex consentual or not; that's irrelevant.
"I raped this hot chick last night dude. I felt kinda bad though cos I farted and the room stank of shite when we were boning but I think it turned her on man."
"was it consentual?"
"of course man?! What do you take me for a sick bastard?!:@"
"well you did fart in her face while she was giving you a rusty trumpet"
"shut the fuck up man she liked that shit"
"fuck you man. You just don't understand me nobody does"
by Christostorous IV March 12, 2007
Unexpected, or surprise, sexual intercourse.
As long as the 'perpetrator' states 'surprise' first, the sexual act is fine and should not be considered a crime in court.
This man brutally raped me!" "No I didn't! I clearly whispered 'surprise' before penetration!
by personpersonpoop August 08, 2010
Something that happens when you dress like a slut.
What the hell, why was I just raped?

Look at how you're dressed.

by Pissant Fuckwad February 19, 2009
Rape - A fictitious propaganda created by feminists in order to stop all acts of sexual advances by men onto women. There is no such thing.
Feminist: Stop raping that girl!
Non-Feminist: thats not rape, thats just unwanted sex.
by Randomhero830 February 19, 2010
A word used to replace all other verbs in a sentence.
Im going to rape this chair. (tranlation: im going to sit on this chair)

I raped a potato pie.
by EllieSarah September 14, 2005
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