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a cake that you send/give to someone you've raped but feel badly about.
Eric felt bad about raping Cassie, so he sent her a rape cake.
by JustMe1 December 13, 2006
Cake that has been baked with a large dose of rohypnol, so that anyone that eats it is susceptible to date rape by a large black man.
Bitch, just eat the damn rape cake. You wanna have a good time at this party?
by benmarvin February 04, 2011
the removed placenta of a rape victim. The word originates from Sweden where placenta translates into "moderkaka" which can be split into "moder", which means "mother", and "kaka", which means "cake".
Would you like a piece of this rape cake which I laid my hands on yesterday?
by LowSociety February 27, 2009
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