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A wonderfully creative form of music, that sadly, is on its way to ending up like hair metal of the 80's. There are a lot of similarities. Record labels find they can cash in on this new sound so they creat a formula of mainstream watered down shit. Every song and artist is not much different from the last. You're a p-i-m-p, I get it, ok, your gangsta, yes I know you gotta hustle baby, I've seen your mercades Escalades, lay off the cristal, enough with the girls' asses already, shut up about your goddamn grills!!! Crunk!? What fresh new hell is this? You know how the old "if it aint broke dont fix it" thing goes. I'm suprised rock fans can't see the paralells. Nu-metal, Good Charlotte, Limp Bizkit, Avril Lavigne (didnt she appear on Nickelodeon? That's not hardcore...) crap rules the airwaves but definetly not the hearts of true rock fans, who prefer bands outside the mainstream who stay completly true to the music. I'm guessing. It's the same way with rap. Many who stuck by it in its infancy are appalled at the state its in now.Also, there are very talented and intelligent rap artists who are just sorta underground. If rap continues to be for the most part unoriginal, sooner or later, it WILL go the way of heavy metal, and be replaced in popularity by some other type of music, whatever that may be. It will be in the state rock is today: not quite dead but very weakened, its "artists" just getting lamer and lamer. K-Fed, anyone?
I used to listen to rap, but each song is just like the last one....and grills are retarded.
by h8theh8rs September 01, 2006
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Rap is the product of extremely unintelligent, musically inept idiots that have jumped onto a bandwagon of extremely unintelligent, musically inept idiot clones. An entire genre of morons who are insanely jealous of the REAL musicians of the world that can actually SING or play an INSTRUMENT.

These 'rappers', idiots having no identifiable skills or talents whatsoever, have gone so far as to invent their own unintelligible language, (having ran out of REAL words to rhyme with...) creating a need for a website such as this.

That's right, this website... dedicated to inventing definitions for the cRAP that comes out of their mouths.

These 'rappers' and their clones have invented their own retarded image of what they consider 'cool', which consists of wearing extremely baggy clothing in the most ignorant and laughable ways possible. Hats upside down and backwards or cocked to the side, pants pulled down around the ankles with boxers pulled up above their nipples.

Meanwhile... in mansions far far away...

White businessmen nationwide are making BILLIONS OF DOLLARS off of these idiots, ALLOWING these rap "artists" to believe that their crap is some sort of "rebellious musical uprising", when in reality, these idiots are blindly programming their fellow 'rapping population' that a car just isn't a car unless it has the most insanely expensive (ehem) pointlessly dumbass rims possible.

Oh, yeah, and if you spend all your rap money on retardedly huge gold rings and watches and chains, (bling) you'll be the super duper most awesomest pimptatious blackalicious cool rapper evar!!!

Idiots. Let's add up how dumb you are.

HOW HARD IS IT... to sit down and write a few paragraphs filled with rhyming words? They don't even have to be REAL WORDS! Idiots! To top it off, (as if it weren't already easy enough...) you don't even have to learn to play an instrument! There's NO SKILL INVOLVED! AT ALL! NONE! ZERO! ZILCH! NADA.

It's a freaking DRUM MACHINE for god's sake. You PUSH BUTTONS to make a beat. WOWWW! Neat! You're a REAL musician now, huh! Oh, hey... don't forget to steal parts of songs from real musicians! That way, you won't have to bother learning that wack six-stringed thingamabopper that dem white muh-fuckas play. Juz loop it an den iz all good, nawmsay'n.

Pretend like it's yours.

And let's not forget the incredible messages you convey with your mastery of the microphone's on/off switch: "Thong th-thong thong thong. Yago make me lose mah mind up in eah... up in eah! Yago make me act a FOOL up in eah."

Hey. Don't blame Yago. You do it to yourself. You ignorant bastards.

All of you. Each and every crap 'artist' out there.

Oh, and that's a swell walk you've got goin there. Did the dumb drip down into your leg, setting you off balance?
Big booty shakin in da hizzy dizzy fizzy fo shizzy.
40oz. drippin from my lips, glocks be fulla clipz.

Insert an "aww yeah" and "uhh huh" between every 6 and 8 words, allowing for the 'n-word' between every 3. I know, rap sucks.

And I simply cannot stress this enough... if at ANY POINT you have the opportunity to replace an 's' with a 'z', juz do it. "Izzle" be yo friend yawmsay'n?

by HarvesterOfSorrow December 27, 2005
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a genre of music that often speaks about money drugs and women and usually in an unpolite matter.

in my opinion rap with lyrics like this sucks ..im not saying rap sucks im only saying rap with shitty lyrics sucks which is usually around 60% of rap.. im not picking on rap here, if any music had crappy lyrics about being fucked every night by a different girl then i wouldnt like it..
also if rap contained really good lyrics then that would make it a really good song...

what im trying to say is here is that basicly there not putting any effort into there songs and are just writing about screwing girls and doing pot every song..
and its fucking stupid..
rap with shitty lyrics is the worst..
by kylemcr January 07, 2007
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1. A, once, type of in-your-face-'poetry' that required some talent to do now dominated by 'gangstas.' These 'gangstas' and their gangster rap raped music with thier lyrics about doing whores, killing cops and doing drugs.
2.Most rappers aren't real musicians.
1.Kanye West vs. 50 Cent
2.You can ask most rappers to play a simple Bb scale and their wouldn't know the first thing to do.
by ken chi August 15, 2006
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the word rap i believe is slang for rhyme because thats whats taking place your rhyming consistantly there are other slang words such as rap example, flowing, spittin,mcing ..etc
the fact is its all slang for rhyme it is not a sub-genre of hip-hop

hip-hop is a expression of ones self through ,breakdancing,graffiti,djing and mcing

rap is slang for a form of poetry rhyme rappers use other forms in there rap such as simile metaphors and so forth

there are different style of rap depending on what the artist is expressing if he is gangster then its gritty and hard so the hip hop beat will be gritty and hard if the artist wants to be upliftng then the beat is uplifting if he wants to be misogynistic the beat will be misogynistic
again this is just what i think rap means

thumbs up thumbs down
by hip-hop alien head May 06, 2006
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A music genre that is highly dis-respected because it is considered a genre that glorifies things that are wrong in the world. But, I have a message to people who believe that: Its only people like 50 Cent who administers impressions like that.

Its gangster rap you should be hating on, not the general rap... Like Kayne West, Common, and K-os, and many other artists who are disrespected just because its rap.
Why you all hating on rap?
Saying it ain't music, and calling it crap
It takes skills to bust out rhymes
and it all ain't about drugs, women, and crime
If you still have problems, then look up a Mr. Kanye West
Listen to a few of his tracks, and you'll agree he's the best
But don't hate if you have problems with MC's
All we're asking is to show them some love, please
Maybe 50 showed you rapping at its worst
Its people like him that making the rap game cursed
I only started liking rap about 2 months back
If you don't like my tastes, then don't give me any slack
Looking at the rhymes I'm busting at this very moment
It ain't anything gangsta, so don't give me any torment
No one said you had to share my idea of good music
But all this hate towards rap is making me lose it
I know some of you like your rock artists
But,don't go hatin on rappers, saying they retarded
Look at me, I'm rappin right now, and I ain't mental

I can be aggresive about this, but right now i'm being gentle
If any of yall want to hate, don't follow bad stereotypes
Look around, you'll see MC's come in all types
You see what I just did? I rapped completely opposite of how you all defined the rap game
I don't care what you say after I'm done, I'm still going
to show rap love, all the same.
by MC911 March 08, 2006
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A genre of music that is stereotyped way too much.
There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between MTV Rap and true rap.
Crappy, artists like 50 cent, soulja boy, hurricane chris, D4L, Dem Franchize Boyz are all MTV rap artists. They have no real talent, their lyrics suck, and they have no vocal talent. Don't judge rap by these crappy acts, real rap takes skill and intelligence. True rap artists are, Rakim, Wu-tang Clan, Tupac, Gangstarr, Eminem, Chamillonaire, etc. They actually have lyrical talent, they are clever, and contribute to the hip-hop industry.
Rap can be broken down into sub-genres based on where it where it was created. Crunk,created in Atlanta, played through out the south. Chopped N' Screwed, originiated in Texas is when a DJ slows down a record and muxes it. Hip-Hop was born in NYC, Harlem, The Bronx, Brookyln, Queens, all have there fair share of rappers. Hip-Hop focuses more on the poetry aspect and is used to reflect live in an urban enviroment. Hyphy is from The Bay Area, Northern California. Oakland, Vallejo, San Jo, San Fran, Berkly, Richmond, etc. all part of the Bay. Hyphy is about going crazy and not caring what people think. Gangstar rap is from southern California, Los Angeles and Compton. It is more agressive and focuses on life in the hood. Chicago, Detroit, and other midwestern cities have contributed to rap as well. ******REMEMBER******** there are many many different types of rap, and MTV IS NOT RAP.
Rocker: Dude, I hate rap, they're just ghetto retards

Me: What type of rap you hate? And your probablly talking about Soulja Boy or Dem Franchize Boyz, have you ever listend to Rakim, Wu-tang Clan, or Tupac?

Rocker: There is more than one kind of rap? And who is Rakim?

Me: Exactly my point. You just focus on MTV mainstream rap, the same could be said for rock. There is more than one genre and MTV doesn't show you what true rock is, just like it doesn't show you what true rap is.
by Jersey Kid January 24, 2008
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