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a genre of music that often speaks about money drugs and women and usually in an unpolite matter.

in my opinion rap with lyrics like this sucks ..im not saying rap sucks im only saying rap with shitty lyrics sucks which is usually around 60% of rap.. im not picking on rap here, if any music had crappy lyrics about being fucked every night by a different girl then i wouldnt like it..
also if rap contained really good lyrics then that would make it a really good song...

what im trying to say is here is that basicly there not putting any effort into there songs and are just writing about screwing girls and doing pot every song..
and its fucking stupid..
rap with shitty lyrics is the worst..
by kylemcr January 07, 2007
when your penis will not erect therefore you have a jellyspout
man1 : man, yesterday i was gonna have sex with my girlfriend but my penis wouldnt get hard
by kylemcr December 13, 2006
punk is a fast beat music genre that makes you wanna smack you head on a table so your hair sticks up..

bands that are punk songs to listen to
-ramones rock n roll high school
-the clash guns of brixton
-descendents i dont wanna grow up
-the casualties punx unite
-My chemical romance(first album) cubicles
-anti-flag drink drank punk
-bad religion hear it
-aiden goodbye were falling fast
-nofx the seperation of church and skate
-less then jake liquor store
-7 seconds sooner or later
-rise against bricks
-offspring staring at the sun
-(old) Afi totalimmortal
-bouncing souls the freaks the nerds and the romantics
-green day burn out
I probobly missed alot

Bands that pretend to be punk

-good charlotte
-simple plan
-panic at the disco
basicly any band that makes pop music and says "man were so punk hardcore!"
punk is amazing and its great
by kylemcr December 13, 2006
terrible , not even music so what if you can talk fast to a shitty little disk scratchy thing.

rock is good music cause its a band that makes a music .. they make peices that go together and create a song.. not some guy throwing words as fast as he can...
Some gay: im gonna go listen to my rap now..
cool kid: rap sucks im gonna go listen to some PUNK or ROCK or ANYTHING THATS GOOD....not rap
by kylemcr December 06, 2006

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