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an awesome megadeth song, written by dave mustaine. the song is about how metalheads are sterotyped as satanists who dont work and are disrespectful, when they really arent. dave came up with the song when he was reading a readers digest article.(see how metalheads really are)
what do you mean i dont pay my bills? got nuthin better to do?

peace sells, but who's buyin
by poomaster12345 August 09, 2008
a game that is underestimated by people all over the world because of it's "e" rating and rainbow colors. it is a fun game and has a lot of objectives in it whether it is getting all of the pinatas or getiing all the achievements. its also fun to watch a friend play it. go buy it.
man 1: lets play viva pinata

man 2: what are you a fag?

man 1: no, just give it a chance

they play it

man 2: wow, that was awesome, i really want a dragonache when i buy it.
by poomaster12345 August 09, 2008
a pathetic excuse for music... which it can't even be called. music is composed of rhythm, melody, and harmony. rap is only rhythm. unless a beatbox can compensate for the other two(not). and even if people say its poetry, youre stupid. edgar allen poe never grew up in the ghetto with pimps and hoes. all it is is a guy complaining that his low class family lived in detroit and his brother got shot. i could rap if i wanted two, all it is is talking.
i went to the store
i got me some more
i saw an ugly girl
she made me wanna hurl
i practiced my bass guitar
it can be quite hard
cuz it takes work
rap takes dirt
by poomaster12345 August 09, 2008

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