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(noun) a person who continually rants about stupid, meaningless crap.
The kids these days curse too much! Kids aren't what they used to be! Why cant the city pick up my trash at 5am rather than 6am! Why am I such a rantard!
by kingmotor September 25, 2007
Someone who likes to rant about things they clearly know nothing (or very little) about. While sometimes done under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants, the ranting is done in order to show others how smart & well-informed they are, yet it usually results in demonstrating the opposite. Can also refer to someone who constantly complains about petty things, things that are out of their control, things that don't concern them or things they can change if they choose to but don't so they have something to whine about.
"That guy who's always going on about how to fix the Leafs is such a rantard!" Example of rantard rants: "Those people need to get their head out of their time they do that I'm gonna tell them off!" "My boss doesn't know what the hell he's doing! If I were running the show I'd know just what to do..." "Fuck these stupid politicians...I know exactly how to fix the economy!"
by dingleningle October 26, 2011
when you mix up ranch dressing and mustard.
"Mmhmm, that rantard sure goes well with those chicken nuggets."
by Hlayven April 02, 2008
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