1. To defeat someone an incredibly large extent

2. To surpass someone by embarrassing them

3. At times, can be used interchangeably with pwn
When my I proved my father wrong, he became very angry because he knew I ranked him.

While I was playing video games with my friends, I ranked everyone so badly that no one wanted to play with me afterward.
by XxBollWeevilxX March 25, 2009
Rank - to be horrible or discusting. Most commonly used to describe something/someone awful.
Dude: Yeah, I saw some of your videos on Youtube.
Girl: Oh shit, I can't even watch my videos. They are sooo rank.
by KaeTeeDee September 06, 2008
A gangsta term meaning the same as bounce.
Used when you have "shamed" someone out.
"oooh rank!!" means the same as "oooh shame!!"
by Anjileen September 24, 2007
when you say you're going to hang out with someone and then don't
"I was supposed to meet Joe at the mall but he ranked at the last minute!"
by Bloopbloop September 29, 2007
a person or thing or whatever that is somewhat retarted/ugly/gross
"Did you see ________ at the party? She looked rank."
by Lidiaaa April 28, 2007
To be one of the strongest competitors in the sport of professional bull riding.
Mike Lee is a great guy and he's a great bull rider. Yeah he's rank.
by dnegrin November 20, 2006
1) Very shit
2) Very good (as in top rank)
by monsta joe luck September 17, 2003

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