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Is the nickname of Randy. Usually means he is to cool to be called by his real name.

"Hey Randy, See that game last night?"

"Dude, it's Rando"
by ByDeeBeach April 07, 2009
25 44
An unkown and interchangable female who appears to you in a social situation in which lots of drugs and alchohol are available. After using her for sexual favors she loses all meaning, purpose, and worth and will never be conciously sought after by you again. Her name is irrelevant and one is usually repulsed by the sight of a rando still in bed with you by morning. A fleshlight with a pulse.
Lets go plow some yucky randos at the frat tonight
by cslappa February 01, 2010
51 73
Usually used to describe members of the female sex who are hammered and/or of questionable cleanliness and morality....we do not know their names, we do not want to know their names. For some, they are to be avoided. For others, they are sought after while in an inebriated state. For still others, they are sought after, then upon waking in the morning, immediately regretted.
Used in a sentence: "So there I was, slammin' a rando, when the cops showed up and rolled the party."
by Rude Hank November 07, 2011
5 29
Totally unexpected. To be surprising.
cheerleader #1 - So I hooked up with #71 last night!
cheerleader #2 - Um wow! That was totally rando!
by laceylu January 21, 2008
14 45
A child with 2-inch long penis, usually counted as woman
Dave was pleasured by a bunch of randos.
by Skaaba May 08, 2009
6 38
A person met and used soley for sexual gratification. This word was shortend from the phrase random hook-up.
After Spitting game like hot fire Dave was pleasured by the rando.
I picked up a rando at speed dating but she thought it was more.
by Testerline February 05, 2006
16 59
A very large vainy penis
Yalls got yourself a nice big rando there.

Bill jammed his rando inside of sally.
by Steve October 13, 2004
22 113