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South Dakotan slang term originating from the Chamberlain/Oacoma area, circa 2002.

An act of gross incompetence which results in utter distaster. A wanton act of stupidity. Unintentional destruction brought about by sheer lack of common sense.
He thought it would be cool to repaint his car using fourty cans of spray paint, but all he did was completely randalize the damned thing...

Dude, if you leave that cheeseburger frying on the grill for half an hour, all you're going to do is randalize it!

If you don't put the drain plug back in the oil pan after you change the oil in the car, you're going to randalize the engine, idiot!
by Steve Mueller July 09, 2004
To modify or alter (public or private) property willfully with intent to improve upon its usefulness, often impaired before returning to its useful state.
origin: actions based upon a person baring the name of “Randall” or any form of.
The computers aren't working, wait their working now, crap we must have been randalized.
by James Hilburn March 15, 2006
Any act of wanton damage caused by a man of authority by the name of randal.
Ally youve totally randalized the mini bus you complete tool.
by master bruce June 05, 2004

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