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Garage punk is a subgenre of rock music. However, as with many terms applied to popular culture, the precise meaning can be hard to define. Garage punk is often used to refer to garage bands that are on small independent record labels or that aren't on labels at all (unsigned) and that happen to play some variety of Punk. In that sense, garage punk (and likewise, garage rock) can be seen as a descendent of the Punk and New Wave movements of the late 1970s and early 1980s, as a counter-culture movement opposed to mainstream corporate rock.

In the late 1980s and into the 1990s, a new breed of revivalist Punk began to fester in the indie rock underground that became known as “garage punk.” Garage punk is obviously closely related to garage rock revival, although most of these modern garage punk bands took their influences from some of the more hard-edged proto punk bands of the garage rock genre, such as The Sonics, The Monks, The Stooges and MC5 through the early 1970s) as well as raw, simplistic "Killed By Death"-era proto punk and early New Wave, rather than by the British Invasion bands and their imitators. Some of the first garage punk bands to appear on the scene included The Gories, The Devil Dogs, Supercharger, The Mummies, The Supersuckers, The Rip Offs, The Makers, Teengenerate, The Oblivians, and Poison 13. Attitude and primitive, lo-fi, budget rock aesthetics were far more important to the development of garage punk than catchy melodies and fancy ’60s-style clothes and vintage musical equipment, and the attitude was reflected in the sound of the music: dirty, grimy, sleazy, sexy, menacing, and just flat-out ugly. The garage punk movement is not as interested in copying the sounds and looks of the ’60s so much as just trying to bash out some unpretentious, wild and wooly three-chord punk/rock’n’roll. Some of these bands (like The Mummies, Phantom Surfers, Man or Astro-Man?, and The Bomboras) also experimented with instrumental surf rock.
The Oblivians are a trashy garage punk band.
by kopper July 28, 2005
A modified closed car or rat rod that competes at drag races.
There's gonna be a gasser war at the dragstrip tonight! Don't miss it!
#hot rod #rat rod #car #racer #mr. gasser #coupe
by kopper November 12, 2006
"FCC" = "FUCK"

Due to the FCC's stranglehold on the English language as we know it (they recently decided the word "fuck" was not only "indecent" but also "profane"), we are replacing the word "fuck" with "FCC" so that anytime you would normally use the word "fuck," just use "FCC" in its place. Maybe they'll then have to decide that their own acronym is also profane and ban it, too. Wouldn't THAT be FCCing funny?
Wow, that's a FCCing huge problem you've got there, motherFCCer! I don't know what the FCC I'd do if I were in your FCCing shoes.
#fuck #fucking #fucker #motherfucker #fcc #fccing #fccer #fcchead #motherfccer
by kopper January 24, 2008
Ramrod is a term used to describe a person who takes responsibility for accomplishing or running things, or for the act of accomplishing or running things. In other words, a person who gets things done!
"I'm Olivares. I'm ramrod around here." - Sho-sa Esau Olivares, Robert N. Charette's Heir to the Dragon
#ram rod #disciplinarian #supervisor #chief #boss #boss hoss #big gun #big wheel #bigwig #captain #chieftain #commander #dictator #director #duke #foreman #general #governor #head #head man #honcho #hyas tyee #key player #king #leader #lord #manager #master #monarch #ogema #overlord #overseer #president #prince #principal #proprietor #ringleader #ruler #sachem #sovereign #superintendent #suzerain #top brass #tyee
by kopper January 02, 2006
Dirtbag rock'n'roller. A real goner.
Garage punk is some real lowlife rock'n'roll.
by kopper July 28, 2005
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