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for a female to render a male helpless with a kind of coldly, elusive sexuality
Isla will rample any attractive man she meets.
by SStheruler February 23, 2013
To fall violently and suddenly; to trip.
"I rampled down the stairs this morning and broke my head open."
by blueacorn April 07, 2009
Short form for 'Random Sample'
Employee: "Shopping habits seem to have changed, how much spending money does the average consumer have?"

Manager: "Go out and take a rample"
by baronspill February 06, 2009
A women with boobs that look like skateboard ramps from the side.
Cathryn looks okay from the front, but from the side, you can really see her ramples.
by The F1xer December 20, 2010
1: to get rambunciously drunk with 4-8 people in one place then be kicked out only to imediatly go satisfy one's need for the rowdyness to continue and, more imortantly, one's craving for greasy food.
After we were ejected from the kareoke bar a bunch of us rampled to the all-night mexican food place.
by graham1881 January 09, 2005
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