evil or malevolent female entity, some one of dubious parentage, person with superfical social values, cowardly and misleading, devious unatural force.
a ramage - evil cowardly liar
by A. ramage May 17, 2007
Top Definition
The next level on from going out with the lads, pulling a bird and doing some damage. Ramming her so hard while doing the deed, the act of ramage
Out with the lads tonight, going to deliver some ramage to some lucky lady...
by DonkeyOaty December 04, 2014
The act of ramming and dumping something or an object on someone.
I ramaged you with a bunch of garbage.
by Dysan April 19, 2011
Ramage- To loose something, Run away, or leave.
My phones done the Ramage
Am going to do the Ramage
by jajshhdbfbfbjkg August 26, 2011
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